All of the help that COTS provides to people experiencing homelessness or those who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances is made possible through donations. We are forever indebted to all of our generous volunteers and contributors.

Here is how you can help:

1. Donate items:

COTS always accepts donations of clothes, shoes, sleeping bags, blankets, under garments and sanitary items. Every one of these donations is sorted and given to our homeless brothers and sisters directly on the streets or at our events.
Food donations are welcome in the lead up to an event due to storage and hygiene purposes.
All of these donations are able to be dropped off or can happily be collected by a team member. Contact us here if you have items that are ready to be donated.

2. Donate money:

If you are willing to donate through COTS and, for whatever reason, you are not able to directly meet with a team member or attend an event, monetary donations (cash and online transfers) are accepted. 100% of monetary donations go towards buying necessities for those living on the streets and funding future events. Every cent truly makes a difference.
To donate via this method, please let us know here and we will get back to you with all of the relevant steps.

3. Donate your time:

COTS is constantly seeking volunteers! The best way to get involved with COTS is to come along to one of our events. We’re regularly planning and posting our upcoming events here, so be sure to check and see if any of the dates suit you. Alternatively, you can register your general interest here and you will be updated directly about our next event.

4. Shop with us:

Keep an eye out for our upcoming online store and COTS merchandise. All of the proceeds will go towards more donations, future events and supporting other organisations tackling the issue of homelessness right beside us.

5. Follow us on social media:

To stay up to date with COTS, our Instagram and Facebook profiles are the place to be. Everything you need to know will always be shared on these platforms.

6. Spread the word:

Often underrated, spreading the word has in fact proven to be more beneficial in spreading the COTS movement than anything else. Tell your family, friends, colleagues and children about us! In doing so, not only are you giving them the chance to be apart of COTS too, but you are raising awareness about the serious, and close to home, issue of homelessness. Share with others an encounter you have had with someone on the streets to help in breaking down society’s stigma against them.
Share our posts on social media (Instagram, Facebook) and always remember to tag @christmasonthestreets as well as #cots and #homelessnothopeless so that we can see your awesome involvement too!

7. Invite COTS to come to you:

COTS is available for guest speaking (at schools, universities, work places, youth programs, community events, shelters etc.) and collaborations. If you would like COTS to be apart of your next event or are looking for an organisation to collaborate with, let us know here and we would love to get in touch with you.

Thank you for wanting to be apart of the change.