Christmas on the Streets, also known as COTS, is a not-for-profit organisation supporting men and women experiencing homelessness.

COTS is a grassroot movement which offers companionship, food, clothing, sanitary products, gifts and essential items to individuals and communities that are in need. The COTS movement strives towards breaking the stigma surrounding those who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances and reminds whoever they encounter that they are unconditionally loved, important and worthy.

Christmas on the Streets came to fruition in Melbourne, Australia in December 2016. Although seeds were being planted in the hearts of the founder for years prior to the establishment, COTS began "by accident" as a one-off event.

The response following the first event became the springboard that launched COTS into what it is today. Not only did it open our eyes to the reality of the homelessness crisis in our very own backyard, but it revealed the beauty of the human spirit that reigns because of the overwhelming number of people who also want to bring about positive change. It wasn’t just the striking stories which were shared on the streets that impelled COTS to take off, rather this entire movement is a true testament to the open and generous hearts of the incredible volunteers who have supported making the world a better place since day one.

COTS is not just another 'charity thing’ – it’s a human thing. All of us are called to reach out our hands to help one who has fallen. That’s why COTS exists; it is time to stop turning a blind eye but instead pour love abundantly into a world that desperately needs it.

With Love, we can change the world. We will change the world.

You and I.



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