“My time with COTS has been nothing short of amazing. Eye opening, valuable, beautiful.
The incredible, selfless, generous COTS team are like a big, warm and welcoming family. They are respectful of our homeless brothers and sisters, and I have always been impressed with the ways in which they operate.
They not only help people in need directly, but they also help people to understand how YOU can help, and reduce the negative stigma attached to homelessness. Incredible! Cannot wait for the next event.”

Danielle W.
Artist & Volunteer
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“Seeing so many people come together to help our homeless brothers and sisters was a beautiful thing to witness. COTS was an eye opening experience which gave me the opportunity to physically see just how many people are living on the streets and are in need of support. Volunteering with COTS has inspired me to want to be apart of a movement that allows everyone to lend a hand to the those who are less fortunate than themselves.”

Oscar E.

“It’s not hard to give to those who are less fortunate. It warmed my heart to be a part of something that put a smile on people’s faces – people who don’t owe anything to us in return. Volunteering with COTS definitely wasn’t just a ‘one-off experience’ but something I will continue to be mindful of and will make it a common occurrence.”

Sara M.

“Being provided with the opportunity to witness the great joy, companionship and togetherness that COTS infiltrates, throughout both the volunteers and those on the streets, is inspiring and warms the heart whilst also opening a person’s eyes to the needs of other people. A great sense of unity and passion for doing something to help those in need is an influential core value amongst COTS. To be able to stretch out a hand and witness how appreciative those on the receiving end are, makes a person want to come back and do it multiple times over alongside people who are aiming to do the same. Thank you Christmas on the Streets, for being an opening and granting an opportunity for those who not only say they want to bring about change, but go out and actually do it. Lastly, thank you to the team behind this movement. You are a blessing and not enough thank you’s are enough to grace you for beginning this. Not only are you helping the homeless, but you are helping those who are more privileged to gain a much more real perspective on this issue.”

Emma Y.

“Christmas on the Streets is a real eye opener for those who are fortunate, like myself. Volunteering with COTS made me realise the significance of appreciating the things we already gave. It has impacted the community because we’re all coming together to help those who are living in poverty and are striving to live a better life. COTS has positively affected my views on materialistic and spiritual necessities because it made me recognise the value of the ‘tiny’ things in life that in fact, have more of an impact on the way we live, rather than the ‘big’ things in life. It also made me cherish and respect the support I receive on a day to day basis in comparison to those we go out and meet on the streets who are quite often neglected.”

Andy E.

“This life-giving concept is something that can only continue to grow, through hard work, through more involvement, through persistence, but moreover through the realisation that before we are anything else… we are all human.”

Moira T.
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“I did not stumble across COTS by accident; in fact, I knew exactly the kind of organisation it could be, and is, through knowing the founder of the organisation personally. I, myself, had been struggling with depression and anxiety, and when the opportunity arose to join this great cause as a volunteer, I jumped on board alongside my husband, Issa. The mission of creating joy through purpose feels genuine, and even in my short time with the organisation, I simply feel better. The abyss of depression is lonely, and often spiralling, yet with each event, comes a potential opportunity to smile, to laugh, to have a sense of camaraderie with others that would otherwise not exist for me. Volunteering was so rewarding and such a wonderful experience! After my time volunteering with COTS, I had this new sense of appreciation and gratitude. Volunteering your time gives you new perspective and helps you to see life through a new set of lenses. There really is no greater gift to give to someone than your time – it is the gift that keeps on giving. It was definitely a priceless and special experience. Issa and I look forward to volunteering more through COTS. Many blessings to you all!”

Anita T.